The Property

Casa Juana, is the main house within a secluded compound that occupies an approximately four acre lot on a mountainside which is  about a 10 to 15 minute walk from downtown Panajachel. The house itself, build in the last few years of the 1990's, is nestled into the very top corner of the land, where it provides a commanding view of the town and lake below.

The entrance to the house is via a rustic stone staircase which traverses the hillside leading to a blue wrought iron metal gate. There are about 75 stairs, which is like having a natural stairmaster,


Passing through the gate, you enter a nurturing terraced hillside, punctuated by rolling manicured lawns, beds of native flowers,  gray stone walls pathways and staircases, built in the ancient Maya tradition, which lead to the various houses. You continue on a path beside a natural waterfull which leads to your house for the duration of your stay, which stands atop the property.  The waterfall runs most of the year, providing a soothng background sound.

3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a non-conventional way.

Your house has 3 sleeping areas; a master bedroom off the livingroom in the main house, a second bedroom which occupies a free standing bungalow, reached by going outside and climbing a few stairs to the next level,   It affords the utmost privacy, has incredible views, a fireplace and a private adjoining bath which includes a tub with shower. The 3rd bedroom is again in its own private bungalow further up the hillside.  It's smaller, has a twin beds,  it's own bathroom and, by virtue of its elevation,  the most magnificent view of all. 

The property has 3 separate terraces, where one can relax and enjoy the outdoors.  It's especially wonderful in the late afternoon, where a nice glass of chilled wine can enhance the dramatic ever changing magnificent sunsets.



US: 310/601-8519
Guatemala: 502/5327-5355


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