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Payment is in US Dollars. It can be sent by credit card or Paypal
Quetzals also accepted for payment
We Accept Mastercard & Visa A $10.00 surcharge applies with use of credt cardsL (Charges will show up on your statement as IXTnet)
Deposit:  A $200 deposit is required at the time of making the reservation.
We also require a security deposit of $200, which is payable upon arrival and which will be returned when you depart. Note: Until confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice.
Cancellation Policy: No refund less than 30 days before occupancy

Panajachel is located on Lake Atitlan, which is at an altitude of about 5,000 feet
Average yearly daytime temperature is about 75 degrees, but some nights can be chilly, so bring warm clothing.

The nearest ATM is located inside the Dispensa Familiar (Owned by Walmart) which is on the street which leads back to the central area of Panajachel, just before you reach the main intersection. It will be on your right.

There are two stores in Panajachel which cater to foreigners, where you will find many of your favorite brands.
Sandra's - on Calle Principal across from the Kodak Store There is also a smaller 2nd Sandra's on Calle Santander across from the Panajachel school.
Chalo's Grocery - At the Intersection of Calle El Amate and Calle Principal

Super Market: Dispensa Familar (Walmart subsidiary) - On Calle El Amate, not far from Chalo's - You'll find more local brands there and  they have a fresh meat department.
EL MERCADO : The town market, where you can find plenty of fresh fruits & produce, is located at the very top of Calle Principal. This is a classic indoor/outdoor Market, where the local Mayan residents do most of their shopping. Shopping here can be a great deal of fun and you'll find the prices are great.

SHOPPING SERVICES: From time to time, you when may not want to go to town. You can hire the Guaredian to go to town to buy things for you. However, a surcharge of 10% will be added to the cost. The charges are directly payable to the Guardian in cash when the groceries are delivered.

Check-in Time: 2:00 PM
Check-out Time: 12:00 PM

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US: 310/601-8519
Guatemala: 502/5327-5355


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