About Us

Casa Juana was built in the late 1990's on a hillside outside Panajachel. It was built by the late Jane Stiller Mintz who fell in love with the spot high above the lake and decided to build her home there.

Casa Juana is the crown jewel atop the gated compound accessed by a secluded staircase at the end of cul de Sac called Calle El Presidente, in Barrio Jucanya, which is off the road to Santa Catarina Palopo.  It's currently owned by Jane's estate and overseen by by Murray Mintz, a  Screenwriter and Director, who lives in Santa Monica, California, but who spends some time in Guatemala, from time to time, when issues of the probate court demand he be there.

The house itself is managed maintained by a local real estate firm,

There are two guard dogs who live on the property, so guests should be familiar and comfortable with dogs.

The full time staff are Miguel & Otilia Cumes, who grew up in the neighboring town of Santa Catarina Palopal. They live along with their family in a small house below the Casa Principal and are there to help make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The house is located within a gated compound, which is entered by climbing a rustic staircase which is about 75 steps to a blue Wrought Iron Gate. Passing through the gate, the first time, your arrival might be announced by Ike or Balu, the two dogs who live on the property.  Their barking will inform a person who will greet you.  Once the dogs know you belong, they'll welcome you with a friendly wag of their tails. Or they might just ignore your arrival.  However, they may hang out on your front terrace, hoping for a treat.

Your greeters will be someone from the Guardian Family.  (The Guardians, are what we might refer to in English as the Caretakers.)  The Guardians are Miguel and Otilia Cumes. Part of their jobs is to provide help to guests whenever they can.

The Main house is another 75 steps above the entrance gate, along a staircase which traverses the beautifully landscaped hillside.







US: 310/601-8519
Guatemala: 502/5327-5355


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