Property Map

The main house has a master bedroom, but other guests have to go outside and up a few stairs, to their private bungalows. Each bungalow, has its own private bathroom, with shower. The bungalow on the 2nd level has a bathtub, with a view.

So, this property may not be appropriate for families with very small children, who would have to sleep away from the main house, but is perfect for teenagers, who get their own space.

Also, the property may not work for groups of single people, as there are only 3 beds, so it works better when there are couples, who share a bed.

The Main house has one Bedroom with a Double Bed (Matrimonial) with adjoining bath:
The Guest Suite (Level 2) has 1 bedroom with a Double Bed. (Matrimonial) with adjoining bath:
The Guest Casita (Level 3) has 2 single beds with adjoining bath.

house layout solo

 Dogs: There are currently 3 dogs who live on the property.  They are friendly but if guests are uncomfortable around dogs, they can be penned up while you are here, if you'd prefer. (There is a large dog enclosure for them if needed.)  Just let the guardian family know. If not, they might wander up to visit your porch from time to time, hoping there might be a treat in it for them.

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